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Free Hearing Test



Our experienced team of Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists will test your hearing and describe the results of each part of the hearing test with you. Schedule a Test





Eastern Ontario's Premiere Clinics - Now with 7 locations to serve you Read More

Meet Our Team


Our experienced team of Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists. Read More

Buying Hearing Aids – What You Need to Know

We have compiled a brochure describing the information you need to know about hearing aid purchases. The document includes several answers to the questions we answer every day. We recommend that you read this before making a purchase.

Hearing Aid Technology

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Hearing Aid Terms Explained

When reading your hearing aid user manual, talking to our staff, or reading online reports, you will likely come across many of the following terms, some of … Read More

Hearing Loss Tips


Is it time to have your hearing tested?

(article from Ottawa Citizen) I dreaded my first hearing test, but I’m glad that I had it done. Nearly one-quarter of the Canadian adult population report … Read More

Can your hearing aid do this?




Lyric is the first extended wear hearing aid in the world. It can be worn while exercising, in the shower, sleeping, with headphones, and even while swimming. It is totally invisible from the outside and can be worn 24/7 for several months at a time so you never have to change a battery again! Talk to one of our Hearing Health Care Professionals to find out if Lyric is right for you. Read More



Sound Oasis

Sleep Sound Therapy System

Those affected by tinnitus tend to have particular difficulty trying to fall asleep at night. This is due to the quiet environment which renders our conscious … Read More

Assistive Listening Devices


Smoke Detectors and Alerting Devices

Here, at Davidson Hearing Aid Centres, we offer a variety of solutions for people with hearing loss. One of the most important assistive devices that we offer … Read More

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55+ Lifestyle Show 2015

2015 Fifty-Five Plus Lifestyle Show

Davidson Hearing Aid Centres is very excited to be presenting the 2015 55+ Lifestyle Show again this year. Join us on Friday September 11 & Saturday … Read More