May 13, 2014
February 11, 2014

The World’s Smartest Hearing Aid

Originally posted on That’s what the Media is saying about ReSound LiNX, the World’s very first Made for iPhone hearing aid.   Hipplay blogger, Jarred Szabadi, says LiNX “is the greatest device to be showcased at CES2014” and “ReSound is redefining the hearing aid.” He adds, “something that has been the same […]
December 19, 2013

Why Are My Ears Ringing?

Some people describe it as wind noise, others as ringing or whistling. It can be constant or occasional, and it can be severe or mild. If you recognize yourself in these statements, you are one of many adults suffering from tinnitus. Tinnitus is the perception of sound without any environmental […]
August 2, 2013

Hearing Aids and Assistives Devices

There are many devices for people who are hard of hearing, to help them retain their independence and security. Hearing aids: Hearing aids are worn in or on the ear and they amplify sounds to help the person hear. Thanks to the digital era, hearing aids today can be very […]