How Our Independence Benefits You

Our ability to deal with all manufacturers means that we will help you choose the BEST product for YOU! Unlike an ever growing number of our competitors which are owned by manufacturers, Davidson’s remains a family owned business, which allows us to choose from all manufacturers’ makes and models. Although it is true that all of the major hearing aid manufacturers now make very good hearing aids, there are significant differences in sound quality, programs, design and connectivity, which means that the brand which is best for one person may not be the best for the next. Our independence and relationships with all of the major hearing aid manufactures provides us the flexibility to prescribe the best possible products to meet our patient’s individual hearing needs.

There are three primary decisions that must be made when selecting a hearing aid. One, the style of the case that the hearing aid circuitry will be housed in, two, the performance level of the hearing aid, and three, the manufacturer of the hearing aid.

Our years of experience will ensure that you get the hearing aids that best suit all of your needs. We have access to all manufacturers sold in Canada and can repair any of these makes of hearing aids. Brands that we carry include Phonak, Widex, Siemens, Resound, Starkey, Oticon and Unitron among others.

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Hearing aids come in all shapes and sizes, various performance levels, with different features, and from many manufacturers. There is a lot to consider, but our qualified team of Hearing Health Care Professionals will help make it easy.

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We carry all sizes of hearing aid batteries and can get most batteries for your remotes, accessories and assistive listening devices.

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Hearing aid technology has improved significantly over the past few years, but no matter how good they are, assistive listening devices are often needed to provide the performance or safety that you require.

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We offer a wide range of custom ear plugs and hearing protection. Whether it is custom noise or sleeping molds, musician filtered ear plugs or in ear monitors, or any other device which requires custom molding, we can provide you with a perfect fit for your needs

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