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Phone: 613-233-3149 or 1-800-267-9697

Ali Al-Rewashdy

Ali grew up in Ottawa and attended the University of Ottawa, where he obtained a Master’s degree in biology. Following this, he worked in medical research for a couple of years. However, he wanted a career path that offered direct interaction with clients where the impact of his work on their well-being was tangible. Ali discovered the world of hearing care by accident following his involvement in a cochlea research project. This led him to explore audiology as a career, and he was soon fascinated by it. He then went on to complete his Master’s degree in Audiology at Western University in London, ON.

After completing several clinical placements in London, he moved back to his hometown, Ottawa, and joined the Davidson Hearing Aid Centres team where he had done some initial observations as well as his final clinical placement. Davidson’s reputation as a clinic offering quality patient-centred care and getting to witness the family atmosphere among the employees motivated Ali to pursue a position with the Davidson team.

Each day, Ali helps patients with their hearing care and strives to provide them with the best audibility and speech clarity in everyday communication. His daily responsibilities include testing patients’ hearing; providing intervention for hearing loss, such as hearing amplification, fitting and adjustment of hearing aids; and helping patients with the maintenance and ongoing care of hearing instruments. Ali says the most enjoyable part of his work is seeing the joy on the faces of his patients after they are fitted with hearing aids.

Outside of work, Ali loves spending time with his family and enjoys playing soccer.

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