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Hearing Aid Repairs

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Here are some easy to follow steps to troubleshoot your hearing aid if it isn’t working properly.

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Hearing Aid Repair and Service Specialists


Hearing aids are not just an investment into better hearing, but they also have the potential to keep you more independent and improve your quality of life. However, when your hearing aids are broken or not performing as designed, you don’t get all the benefits they provide.

Technology is improving all the time and manufacturers are creating more water and dust resistant products, but your ears are a very challenging environment for miniature electronics to operate in because of earwax, moisture and the accumulation of other debris. Hearing aids are highly customized devices and any little issue in their sound production can have a significant impact on how well you are hearing with them. Over time, exposure to moisture and debris can require service and repairs.

These highly customized devices have delicate hi-tech components in order to produce the processed sound that goes into your ears and require a TLC, but malfunctioning hearing aids need the special expertise, equipment and the experience of a professional hearing healthcare professionals.

Is there a hearing aid clinic that provides hearing aid repair near me?

With a dedicated hearing aid repair studio in each clinic and Ottawa’s only repair technician with manufacturing experience, Davidson Hearing Aid Centres offers on-site repair services throughout Eastern Ontario.

How to Troubleshoot Common Hearing Aid Issues


Following these quick steps in the case where your hearing aids when they produce limited or no sound amplification should help you determine where the problem might be and if it can be fixed at home or if it will require coming in for service. Here are our troubleshooting steps:


  1. Inspect the hearing aid for visible damage: Check the casing, wires and tubing on your device for any cracks or other signs of damage.
  2. Ensure that your hearing aid has power: For hearing aids using standard zinc-air batteries, either test yoru battery, use the battery from the other hearing aid side (if you have a pair and know it is working) or try a new battery. For rechargeable hearing aids, place the hearing aid in the charger and ensure that it is charging/charged.
  3. Check that it is turned on at the right settings: If you have a mute function, different programs or adjustable volme levels, double check through your heairng aid controls, remote control or smartphone app that you are at the desired settings.
  4. Ensure the sound opening is clear: Inspect your hearing aid for the accumulation of dirt, earwax or moisture. If there is a buildup/blockage, try cleaning it. (Making a commitment to clean your hearing aids at the same time every day will help prevent an accumulation of dirt, earwax or moisture in the sound opening.)

  5. Replace the wax filter: If the above steps didn’t work, then if your hearing aid has a wax filter (which can be found on most RIC and custom products), try replacing that.

When should I take my hearing aids in for service?


You should bring your hearing aids into one of our hearing aid repair specialists if the above troubleshooting strategies do not fix the issue you are having with your hearing aid, or if you experience any of several other problems, such as:


  • You find yourself replacing batteries more frequently.
  • You see cracks, breaks, holes or other damage to your hearing aid.
  • You continue to experience feedback (whistling) and other unpleasant noises while wearing your hearing aids.

FAQs about Hearing Aid Repairs

Q. Why should I bring my hearing aids to Davidson Hearing Aid Centres for repair?

A. Our hearing aid repair specialists are trained to deal with specific hearing aid repair issues and have access to the parts and equipment needed to get your hearing aids working properly again. We partner with major hearing aid manufacturers for training and technical support for their specific hearing aid models, and they supply us with parts.

Q. How long do hearing aid repairs take?

A. Simple repairs can be done while you wait, but there are times when we need a little extra time, or we have to send them to the manufacturer for repair. In both cases, we do our best to get them back in your ears ASAP, and we’ll provide you with a loaner pair while you wait.

Q. Can I repair my own hearing aids at home?

A. It’s better to focus your attention on basic troubleshooting, keeping them clean and dry and protected from falls, but leave hearing aid repair to our experts. Your hearing aid is a finely tuned, advanced technology digital device that requires the right training, experience and equipment in the hands of someone who can properly repair your hearing aids.

Q. When should I replace my hearing aids rather than have them repaired?

A. If your device is out of warranty and you want to hear better, it might make more sense to look at new devices rather than repairing your existing hearing aid. As new products are released every 18-24 months, by the end of your warranty there are usually 2-3 generations of tehcnology improvements on the market. With each generation comes an improvement in sound quality and enhanced speech understanding in difficult listening situations. If you are interested in hearing for yourself how much difference the latest technology offers, we have demonstration models available to test prior to making a decision on purchasing new devices.

Hearing Aid Warranties


Most hearing aids have a comprehensive repair warranty for at least two years. Most of the models we sell and fit have an extended warranty coverage of three or four years.

Regardless of whether your damaged hearing aids have deteriorated through normal wear and tear or user error, like forgetting to take them out when you shower or jump into the pool, manufacturer warranties are an excellent way to ensure the long-term functionality of your hearing aids. Most manufacturers strive to have your hearing aids repaired within 7-10 days.

Loss & Damage Coverage


Hearing aid manufacturers also offer a one-time loss and damage (L&D) policy for the first year or two (depending on the manufacturer and model). L&D policies cover loss or destruction of your hearing aid within this period after you’ve paid a small deductible amount.

For added peace of mind, some clients consider putting their hearing aids on their home insurance policy once the L&D from the manufacturer has been used or expires.

Hearing Aid Repair Costs


Davidson Hearing Aid Centres’ private pay hearing aid prescriptions include an ongoing care plan that covers small parts and in house repairs for your hearing aids, saving you additional costs.

If you purchased your hearing aids elsewhere, then you have the option of paying for just the needed repairs at the time of service or signing up for an annual service plan that covers the repairs needed as well as future testing, adjustments and ongoing care for that device.

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We stock most of the key replacement parts for the hearing aids that we fit in order to more easily facilitate the repair process, including: batteries, RIC receivers, wax filters, microphone filters, BTE ear hooks and tubings. Many of these products can be purchased online by visiting our estore.

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Hearing aids allow you to hear better, but they also make it possible to continue your independent lifestyle and enjoy a healthier and more rewarding quality of life. When they don’t perform the way they were meant to perform or your hearing aid is broken, the hearing aid repair experts at Davidson Hearing Aid Centres are ready with troubleshooting, maintenance and repair services so you get the most out of your hearing aids investment.

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