Emma Havey

Hearing Instrument Dispenser

Emma grew up in Mississauga and received her B.A. in history from Carleton University. She then completed her Hearing Instrument Practitioner program at MacEwan University in June 2023.

While at Carleton, Emma took ASL classes for a couple of years where she learned some sign language and more about the Deaf community. This was what first piqued her interest in hearing care.

In 2019, Emma began working at Davidson Hearing Aid Centres as an administrative assistant. Her cousin was working there at the time and mentioned Davidson was hiring. Her positive experiences prompted Emma to apply.

Emma soon discovered that she loved working with the patients and found hearing health very interesting. After learning about the Hearing Instrument Practitioner program, she felt it would be a good next step for her.

Emma loves the satisfaction that comes with solving a patient’s hearing challenge – whether it’s fixing their hearing aid, making adjustments or helping them start their hearing care journey and seeing the joy on their face afterwards. Emma also enjoys the challenge of doing complicated hearing aid repairs.

Emma looks forward to coming into the office each day and seeing her colleagues. She is thrilled to work with a fun team, making Davidson a delightful place to work.

Outside of the office, Emma enjoys spending time with her family, going for walks or hikes, going to concerts, attending exercise classes and reading.

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