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Phone: 613-233-3149 or 1-800-267-9697

Geneviève Sandre


Geneviève grew up in Orléans and attended the University of Ottawa. Prior to completing her graduate program in audiology in 2021, her undergraduate studies consisted of linguistics and psychology. All of her education was done in French.

Having developed a single-sided hearing loss as a child, Geneviève spent plenty of time at her audiologist’s and ENT’s office. This exposure motivated her to learn more about the world of audiology. Intrigued by what seemed like an interesting mix of healthcare and technology, her future career as an audiologist was decided upon early on.

Geneviève joined the Davidson Hearing Aid Centres team in an administration role in 2018 prior to completing her masters in audiology. She returned as an audiologist following following her graduation and she couldn’t be happier with her decision. She says she enjoys the friendliness of the team and the no-pressure environment, which creates a healthy work atmosphere.

Another positive, according to Geneviève, is that Davidson isn’t tied to just one manufacturer but rather a vast selection of hearing aid brands. She also appreciates that Davidson is a family-owned company with an 80-year history within hearing care.

Most workdays, Geneviève is busy conducting hearing tests, managing hearing aid fittings and adjustments, performing wax removals, customizing earmolds and repairing hearing aids. She says she loves seeing the impact that audiologic care has on her clients’ daily lives (and their family and friends) and watching their confidence grow while helping them navigate through a brand-new experience and journey.

Geneviève likes spending her free time with her family and friends. She is also an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys long walks, biking, hiking and kayaking. When the weather isn’t in her favour, she can often be found at the gym, at a yoga class or playing the ukelele.

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