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Phone: 613-233-3149 or 1-800-267-9697

Isabelle Adam

Isabelle grew up in St-Albert, a small French town just east of Ottawa that’s especially popular with cheese fanatics.

Working within the health industry always appealed to Isabelle. Audiology seemed like the perfect solution for her, as Ottawa offered a great bilingual master’s program leading to a career where Isabelle could make a difference to people’s lives. She graduated from the audiology program in 2008.

Isabelle joined the Davidson Hearing Aid Centres team in 2011. She considers them a great employer and says the people who make up the team make it even better. Upon joining the team, Isabelle was impressed with the respect, environment and the relationships at work that allow each team member to be the best clinician possible.

As a clinical audiologist, Isabelle’s daily responsibilities include assessing hearing, prescribing hearing/assistive devices and counselling patients on hearing-related issues. She assists patients with their hearing needs, always striving to improve their quality of life.

Isabelle finds her role incredibly rewarding. Every day, people visit the office with a hearing issue, and she works with them to find the best solution. When patients leave the office better off than they were prior to visiting, this totally makes Isabelle’s day.

Outside of the office, Isabelle keeps busy with her young children and the family pets. Other interests include volleyball, crocheting, computer programming and mountain biking in Larose Forest, which she considers a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

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