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Phone: 613-233-3149 or 1-800-267-9697

Josée Menges


Josée grew up in New Brunswick and completed her undergraduate degree in translation at l’Université de Moncton before studying at the University of Ottawa for graduate school, where she attained her Audiology degree in 2016.

While volunteering as a swim instructor for children with special needs, Josée realized that working with her little “buddy” was the best part of her week and that she would never feel as passionate about translating as she did about working with people. This experience made her consider pursuing a career in fields such as speech language pathology and audiology, which was the perfect combination of her two fields of interest: science and languages.

Following graduation, Josee wanted to work in a hospital setting or for a private company that had values similar to hers. When researching clinics, she immediately knew that Davidson Hearing Aid Centres was special.

Josée liked that they are a family owned and run company who clearly values and invests in their team and patients. After meeting the Davidsons, she immediately felt that she would never find a better team. Seven years later, and she still feels the same!

A typical workday for Josée includes performing hearing evaluations, cleaning and programming hearing aids and handling wax removals. She loves helping people improve their ability to hear what is most important to them and enjoys developing a clinical relationship with her patients and helping them achieve their communication goals.

When she’s not working, Josée enjoys hiking and discovering new things and places with her family.

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