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Phone: 613-233-3149 or 1-800-267-9697

Kelsey Meagher

Kelsey grew up in Ottawa and completed her undergraduate degree at Lakehead University in Thunderbay. She then went on to attend graduate studies at the University of British Columbia where she attained her degree in audiology in February 2018.

Kelsey’s strong desire to improve people’s lives led her to the hearing care world. Growing up with a dad with a profound hearing loss, it became apparent to Kelsey at a young age how important properly fit hearing technology is for improving one’s quality of life.

Later, when she realized the important role an audiologist plays in one’s better hearing journey, Kelsey decided to become an audiologist so she could positively impact people’s lives by finding the right solutions for them.

Kelsey joined Davidson Hearing Aid Centres part time during the summers while she was a student in 2009 until she left for British Columbia in 2015 to pursue her audiology studies. After graduation, she worked on and off for Davidson until she joined full time as an audiologist in January 2019.

There are many aspects of Davidson that Kelsey admires, but she particularly likes that it is a family-owned business, which means they don’t have the sales quotas many manufacturer-owned clinics have. Instead, products can be selected from any manufacturer, and the focus is always on putting the patient and their needs first – something that’s truly important to her.

Kelsey is responsible for providing diagnostic hearing tests to patients. She counsels them on their hearing loss and recommends how to move forward based upon their unique lifestyle, hearing needs and hearing loss. If hearing aids are the appropriate solution, she then prescribes and fits the devices accordingly.

Kelsey especially loves following up with patients weeks, months and years after their initial fitting. She enjoys building relationships with her patients and learning about all the sounds they can hear again – both good and bad!

Additionally, Kelsey helps patients troubleshoot any problems or issues. She helps ensure that the hearing aids are functioning optimally for years following the initial fitting.

Outside of the office, Kelsey enjoys spending time with her husband, their son and dog, exploring the beautiful outdoors.

Audiologist Kelsey Meagher inserting a BTE hearing aid in a man's ear

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