Sarah Chabouk


Sarah was born and raised in Montreal and attended the University of Concordia and the University of Montreal for her two bachelor’s degrees. In 2019, she pursued her master’s degree in audiology at the University of Ottawa. While there, she fell in love with Ottawa and decided to stay following graduation in 2021.

Initially, Sarah was interested in researching how the brain processes and interprets sound. However, while studying for her master’s, she developed an interest in hearing aids. Considering her love for working with people, Sarah decided to explore the clinical branch of audiology. She has enjoyed every moment of it so far and looks forward to continuing in this avenue.

Sarah learned about Davidson Hearing Aid Centres through her university colleagues that were working at the Davidson clinic – all with positive things to say! While researching potential employers, Sarah discovered that her values were in line with the clinic’s, and she was pleased to find people who shared the same passion for audiology as her. She also liked that Davidson is a family-owned clinic.

It’s been nearly six months since Sarah joined the Davidson team, and each day is filled with multiple responsibilities. A typical day includes performing hearing assessments, diagnosing hearing loss and recommending treatments; prescribing and fitting hearing aids; communicating with other healthcare professionals; and working with the paediatric and elderly population.

Sarah offers services mainly in English, but she occasionally offers services in French and Arabic to accommodate patients with language barriers or certain preferences. She will even try to assist Spanish-speaking patients – though it is a bit of a challenge for her.

Sarah loves so many aspects of her work. She likes witnessing firsthand people’s reactions when trying hearing aids on for the first time. She finds it very touching and rewarding to see the difference it can make in someone’s life and considers it a privilege to be a part of these life-changing moments.

Sarah also likes connecting with people of different ages, backgrounds and life experiences. She loves the opportunity to improve people’s quality of life and ensure that a hearing loss is not an obstacle to someone’s social life, work life or relationships.

When she’s not working, Sarah enjoys doing arts and crafts, such as clay sculpting, painting and drawing. She also enjoys spending time in nature, especially if it’s near the water.

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