Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Hearing Aid

Here are 7 items you’ll want to put on your Christmas list this year:

1. Miracell ($15): this product can be used to soothe itchy ears, loosen up ear wax or lubricate your ear mold for easier insertion.
2. Batteries ($8.50/package or 10 packages/$60): Davidson Hearing Aid Centres provide power one batteries, which are the world’s longest lasting batteries and will ensure you get maximum performance from your hearing aid.
3. D-Dry Kit ($75): this product is easy to use and effective in killing any bacteria as well as preventing moisture damage to your hearing aid.
4. Tinnitus Masker ($95): this item is essential for those who suffer from tinnitus, the product helps mask the ringing sound (for more details see our sleep sound therapy blog)
5. Phonak DECT Phone (1/2 Price – $100): this product wirelessly sends the phone volume directly to both hearing aids greatly improving speech understanding on the telephone. A perfect gift for those wearing Phonak hearing aids.
6. Oto-clips ($25 dollars): This is a great product for those concerned about accidentally loosing their hearing aids. The product clasps onto your hearing aid at one end, and clips onto your shirt at the other.
7. Ear Gear ($25): these are sleeves for your behind-the-ear hearing aid which will protect them from sweat, moisture, dirt, wind noise, and more !
You can purchase these items at any of the Davidson Hearing Aid Centres locations.


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