Hearing Aid Funding

Funding Options

There are several funding options available to help offset the price of Hearing Aids and assistive listening devices. At Davidson’s, we guide you through every step of this process and help you work with the applicable government agencies. As well, because hearing is so important to socialization and learning we have started a program for kids to help ensure that they can have hearing aids necessary for their development.

Private and Government Hearing Aid Assistance

Assistive Devices Program

Assistive Devices Program

Since December 12, 1988 the Ontario Ministry of Health’s Assistive Devices Program (ADP) has paid a portion of the cost of hearing aids for all Ontario residents who need them. At the present time a grant is available for both left and right hearing aids.

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Davidson's Kids Program

Davidson’s Kids Program

We know that hearing well is very important, especially for children as they develop language. To help families with hard of hearing children, we offer greatly reduced costs for children 18 and under.

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Ontario Disability Support Program

The Ontario government offers assistance for hearing aids through their MCSS, ODSP and ACSD programs. Davidson’s is a registered hearing aid provider of this program.

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Veterans Affairs Canada

We have been helping veterans with their hearing for over 75 years. Whether you are looking for coverage for the first time or are ready to upgrade your current hearing aids, we can help.

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Workers Compensation Boards

We are registered with the different workers compensation boards across Canada including the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) in Ontario. Whether it is for new hearing aids, service, repairs, or event starting a new claim, we can help.

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Davidson Hearing Aid Rental Program

Hearing Aid Rental Program

Find out how our hearing aid rental program offers low monthly costs on hearing aids. Starting from as little as $64 a month per ear, this might just be the solution you have been looking for.

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Have Questions About Hearing Loss?

Our Hearing Aid Guide was created to help you understand the implications of hearing loss and what is involved in choosing the right hearing aids. It will provide you with background information and prompt you to ask the right questions before making a final decision. Hopefully this guide helps you on your journey towards improved hearing.