Go Green Promotion Extended

We are excited to announce that we have extended our GO GREEN promotion. The coupons provided at the Fifty-Five Plus Lifestyle Show are now valid until November 30, 2019. We found that some of our offices were so busy during the month of October that we were not able to get everyone in. Rather than having anyone miss out, we are offering everyone this promotion for an additional month. That means that you still have time to receive a free rechargeable upgrade on our Better and Best performance levels of hearing aids.

Hearing Aid

Why are rechargeable hearing aids a good idea?

  • More reassuring – Simply seat the hearing aids in a charger at night and wake up to fully charged hearing aids that will last the entire day. 
  • More convenient – No need to replace batteries every week, nor open the battery door at night
  • More durable – With no battery door to open and close, the internal components are less prone to damage from moisture and debris
  • More efficient – Save time and money from buying hundreds of batteries over the hearing aid’s lifespan, while reducing your overall environmental impact!


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