Hearing Aids and Assistives Devices

There are many devices for people who are hard of hearing, to help them retain their independence and security.

  1. Hearing aids: Hearing aids are worn in or on the ear and they amplify sounds to help the person hear. Thanks to the digital era, hearing aids today can be very sophisticated and we have access to a wide range of technologies. There are many styles of hearing aids. Some are molded to your ear, others leave your ear open. Your audiologist can recommend a hearing aid according to your needs and your hearing loss.
  2. Assistive devices: Assistive devices can be used with or without hearing aids. They are alert systems that function with light, vibration or loud sounds. For example, there are fire alarms, amplified telephones, alarm clocks, all adapted to the needs of the person who is hard of hearing.

Don’t stay in silence! Describe your problems to a professional, he or she can advise you in order to regain your peace of mind.

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