Free Hearing Tests

We realize that everyone’s hearing is unique. As such, it is important for us to get a full evaluation of how you hear in different environments. The hearing test is the central part of this. Although it is relatively short, and very easy to complete, your hearing evaluation, you will go through several different components which are specifically designed to provide the following information.

  • How loud different speech sounds need to be for you to detect them
  • The cause of your hearing loss
  • How well you understand speech in quiet
  • How well you understand speech in noise
  • How the ear drum, outer ear, middle ear and inner ear are functioning

After we have determined the cause and severity of the hearing loss, we will go through the results with you in clear language and discuss the implications any hearing loss is having and can have in your day to day life. If the hearing loss is large enough to warrant amplification, we will go through the different options with you, explaining the pros and cons of the different styles, manufacturers, and performance levels. We will also go through realistic expectations with you. The more damage that there is in the hearing system, the more difficulty people have with clarity and hearing in noisy environments. Hearing aid technology is progressing rapidly, but we are not always able to overcome all of the damage done to the hearing system. Many individuals with significant damage to their hearing system will never hear as well as “normal hearing” individuals, but should still see a drastic improvement with their hearing aids. Our goal is the same as yours - to improve your hearing in your day-to-day life as effectively as possible. Improving communication, improving relationships.

As a family centred company, we recommend bringing someone close to you to your appointment. Be it a family member or close friend. They will be able to offer another perspective of how you are hearing in day-to-day environments and support you in making any decisions to do with any hearing loss – a second set of ears is always helpful!