Phonak Audeo Marvel: Cerushield Tips and Tricks

How to get the most out of your Phonak Audeo Marvel hearing aid by changing the CeruShield wax filter

Phonak’s newest hearing aid boasts a lot of new high tech features. Enjoy better speech understanding in noise with less listening effort. Phonak is the first hearing aid manufacturer to provide direct audio streaming to almost any Bluetooth device. Whether it is an Apple iPhone, an Android smartphone, or a simple flip phone. By using the Bluetooth 4 protocol, Phonak was able to design a hearing aid that can work directly with most cell phones, not just Apple products. This allows many more users to benefit from better hearing through their preferred cell phones. Marvel is Phonak’s second generation of hearing aid with Bluetooth capability that allows you to answer phone calls directly to your hearing aids, completely hands free.

New Hearing Aid Features

In addition, to the new technological features on the Marvel, Phonak redesigned domes, receivers and the wax protection filter, coined the “cerushield”. The new design of the wax management filter was done with dexterity in mind. Lastly, it reduces risk of infection, separating the used filters from the fresh clean ones. Creating a disk for minimal effort has had it’s repercussions. Often times, individuals apply more force than necessary, straining to rotate the disk with no avail.  The disk rotates with a gentle touch when fingers are placed gently on the arrows indicated on the disk. Over the past few months, we’ve cultivated some additional tips and tricks that will help clients use the cerushield with minimal difficulty.

Here are 3 tips for handling the CeruShield Disk:

  • Do not press the Disk when trying to turn it
  • Place your fingers gently on the arrows of the Disk and turn clockwise
  • Do not place your fingers on the openings of the Disk to turn

If you are still having difficulty, simply remove the top cover of the cerushield and place it back on. After the placing the cover back on some individuals find the disk spins more willingly. An alternative suggestion is to just remove the cover completely, BUT it’s important to remember which filters are used and which filters are clean! (clean ones are on the outside and dirty ones are on the inside circle)


Custom Earmolds for Marvel

If your new Marvel hearing aids have a custom earmold attached to the receiver, it’s more than likely that your hearing aid still requires you to use the Cerustop filters. See the video below for instructions on how to properly change the filter on your custom mold.


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