Box of 675 Batteries

Box of 675 Batteries


Box of 10 cards of size 675 hearing aid batteries (total of 60 batteries).

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These are standard zinc air hearing aid batteries. The 675 size (blue tab) is most frequently used for ultra power BTE models of hearing aids. They have a typical lifespan of 9-14 days.

Mercury Free – We are excited to announce that we only stocking Mercury Free hearing aid batteries. This new generation of batteries is not only better for the environment, but in preliminary tests, they have been proving to last slightly longer than our previous generation. These batteries will insure that you get the maximum performance from your hearing aids.

Battery Plan – Davidson Hearing Aid Centres includes a supply of 186 batteries with the purchase of each new hearing aid in our Good, Better and Best performance levels. They are provided one box at a time in order to maintain battery freshness. With most of the hearing aids that we fit, that supply will last over 3 years.

Disposing of Batteries – We recommend that you recycle your old hearing aid batteries. We have a battery recycling collection at all of our clinics, so you can easily drop them off the next time that you come in and we will recycle them for you.

Promo: For every box of batteries purchased, we will offer a $30 discount on your next set of hearing aids.