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Phone: 613-233-3149 or 1-800-267-9697

Clarity TL200

Clarity TL200


The Clarity TL200 TV Listener pairs wirelessly with your television, stereo or cell phone to amplify TV shows, stream music or answer calls.

Clarity TL200 Features: 

  • Completely wireless headphones
  • On-ear controls and mic to adjust volume, pause/play music stream, or accept/end calls
  • Connects via RCA and headphone cables
  • 2 hearing profiles
  • 30ft range
  • Built in rechargeable battery
  • Up to 18 h of listening time per charge
  • USB charging port

Shipping Within Canada Only

To comply with regulatory standards, we do not ship medical devices or accessories internationally. For inquiries or clarification, please contact our customer support team.