Sennheiser Set860 TV System

Sennheiser Set860 TV listening system for hard of hearing

Sennheiser Set860 TV System


Sennheiser Set860 is their mid priced TV listening system. Offering a simpler to use design with a significantly improved battery life and further range with less distortion.

Set860 features: 

  • large, easy to use volume buttons
  • 3 different pre set tone settings
  • Independent left and right volume control
  • up to 18 hour run time between charges
  • speech enhancer to help separate speech from the background noise
  • up to 70m (200 ft) transmission range from the base

The Set860 can only be used for single input at a time and it only has 3 pre-set tone control settings versus the 5 settings and dual input on the high end Set880.