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Phone: 613-233-3149 or 1-800-267-9697

Sound Oasis S-680-02 Tinnitus Sound Therapy

Sound Oasis S-680-02 Tinnitus Sound Therapy


The Sound Oasis S-680-02 Tinnitus Sound Therapy a lot of functionality in a portable size.

Sound Oasis S-680-02 Features: 

  • Backlit Alarm Clock – wake to selected masking sound or chime; includes brightness control
  • Sound Card technology enables you to change sound themes by simply inserting a new memory card containing different sounds
  • Comes with 24 sounds (mixture of relaxation and tinnitus specific)
  • Sleep Enhancement Technology: With the timer on the sound gradually slows down and fades away during the last 10 minutes before the unit turns itself off, instead of ending abruptly (can set for 30, 60 or 90 minutes)
  • Connects to headphones or a speaker pillow
  • Battery backup will last 4 days

Additional information

Relaxation Sounds

Gentle Rain, Maui Surf, Ocean & Crickets, Ocean Surf, Stream, Thunderstorm, Woodland

Tinnitus Sounds

Tinnitus Therapy .9K – 3.2K, Tinnitus Therapy 1 1K – 10K, Tinnitus Therapy 2 1K – 10K, Tinnitus Therapy 3 1K – 10K, Tinnitus Therapy 2.5K – 5K, Tinnitus Therapy 2K – 8K

Noise Sounds

White Noise, White Noise 4 kHz, White Noise 6 KHz, White Noise Full Spectrum, Gary Noise, Pink Noise,

Mixture Sounds

Natural White Noise, Ocean Surf with White Noise, Rain with White Noise, Stream with White Noise

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