Widex CROS – hear it from both sides

For anyone with a completely deaf or un-aidable ear on one side, the CROS system transmits the sound from that ear over to the good ear. Although CROS systems have been available for years, it hasn’t been until the last 2-3 years that technology breakthroughs have consistently provided positive results for our patients using them. 

The CROS device has microphones placed in a hearing aid housing and is placed on the deaf side. It then transmits the sound it hears over to the hearing aid on the good side. This fills in the “dead space” feeling for those with single sided deafness and allows users to hear the converstations from their deaf side without having to turn their head.  

The Widex CROS device is compatible with most of their latest two generations of hearing devices.

Better Battery Life

Despite the fact that the Widex CROS is constantly streaming an audio signal from one side to the other, the standard 312 batteries should still last over 6 days. This is significantly longer than most of the competition’s CROS products with the same size battery. Many of those have a battery life between 2-5 days.

Compatible with the latest generations of Widex hearing aids

For anyone who has an un-aidable ear, the CROS product can be paired to work with any of the latest Widex hearing aids (with the exception of the mini CIC which is a non-wireless product).

All that is required to set the CROS up with your hearing aids is to activate it in the Widex programming software, which can be done at the time of a new fitting or at a programming/adjustment appointment.

For more information on whether CROS is right for you, please contact our office.

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