SEATS for Kids – Battery Recycling Program

Donate used hearing aid batteries at our location and we will send them to Seats for Kids to help with their fundraising

We use batteries to run everything from flashlights, TV remotes, hearing aids, and powering our cars. However, getting rid of a dead battery can pose a problem. Batteries contain various hazardous materials, including heavy metals and acids. They can cause serious environmental harm if not discarded properly.

Battery recycling programs are available all over Canada. Recycling can take place at appropriate recycling facilities, hazardous waste facilities, or at designated drop-off sites. Be sure to check the battery and how to properly recycle it.

Davidson Hearing Aid Centres has partnered with SEATS for Kids, an Ottawa based non-profit organization to pick up our used batteries on a monthly basis. Each of our offices has a battery recycling container for clients to drop off old batteries.

SEATS for Kids

Whether it is trips to the grocery store or treks to visit grandparents, you and your child will drive thousands of kilometres every year.

SEATS for Kids Canada wants to ensure every parent or caregiver knows how to install and use their child’s car seat safely every time they ride. As a non-profit organization located in Ottawa, their dedication to increasing the appropriate and correct use of child restraint systems of children in the community is inspiring.

They offer a wide variety of services including (but not limited to) the following:

  • car seat inspection clinics
  • nationally recognized certification courses
  • information sessions

Through scheduled inspection clinics around the Ottawa area, they have found that as many as 90% of car seats are installed improperly. Meanwhile, a properly installed car seat can reduce the risk of serious injury or death by as much as 71%.

Transport Canada reports that every year, 10,000 children under the age of 12 sustain injuries in collisions. Car crashes are the leading cause of death for children and youth according to the Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program.

Battery Fundraiser

SEATS for Kids is running a fundraiser. They are requesting used/dead batteries to raise money to continue to operate. If you live ANYWHERE near Kemptville, Kingston, Ottawa South, Gloucester, Blackburn Hamlet or Carleton Place and would like to drop off your batteries, contact SEATS for Kids for a drop-off address.

Don’t have any batteries to donate but want to support them anyway? Visit their website and you can provide a donation through PayPal for any amount.

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