Should I Get My Hearing Tested In My 50s?

From loud concerts to busy work events and boisterous restaurants to listening to music at home, loud noises are more commonplace than ever. However, most people don’t realize the impact that the volume of these noises can affect their hearing much sooner than they think.

Hearing loss is normal and exceedingly common – but, unlike how people get annual dentist visits, eye tests and yearly physicals, hearing assessments are often ignored until the hearing loss starts to significantly impact daily life.

A lot of people wonder if they’re too young to have a hearing loss challenge; for many, the image of hearing loss is their parents or grandparents who had bulky, awkward hearing aids to carry around. Not the prettiest picture… and often, people avoid hearing care as a result.

While that negative stigma is often still attached to hearing aids, the reality of modern hearing aid technology is vastly different. Many modern hearing aids are almost invisible, and they’re significantly more powerful than they used to be!

So, if you’re asking yourself the question, “Am I too young to have a hearing loss?” the answer is no – nobody is too young, or too old, to have a hearing loss.

Professional hearing care isn’t out of reach for those who aren’t a certain age group. Getting a comprehensive hearing assessment could bring a world of benefits to you and your hearing health.

Can A Hearing Assessment Help Me?

Hearing loss isn’t something to be ashamed of. It’s a sign that you’ve had an exciting and busy life full of loud noises and busy environments, like restaurants, nightclubs and concerts. Think of the shows you went to back in the day and came back with ringing ears… you never realize how that might affect you later in life, but it was worth it in the moment.

Plenty of people start to see benefits from regular specialized hearing care after the age of 50. People come into our clinic feeling anxious, uncomfortable and even doubtful that hearing care could be what they need to help their hearing loss challenge.  

Of course, those same people leave feeling more confident in themselves and their hearing than ever before. That first step of asking for help is often the hardest hurdle to jump.

We view hearing assessments as a major positive; they help your hearing, but regular hearing care has been shown to have strong links to maintaining mental health, reducing declines in cognitive abilities, improved balance and even lowering one’s risk of mortality.

Safeguarding your personal and professional lives with something as simple as a hearing assessment can help you take care and take charge of your ear health so you can keep listening to all that life has to offer you.

What Happens In A Hearing Assessment?

If you are curious what is involved in a hearing test, watch the following video as we walk Wayne through everything that is involved. The assessment is easy to complete and when done, we provide you with a personalized hearing report of your results. This report explains how well you are able to hear different sounds, how clearly you are understanding words, and how well you are able to isolate speech from background noise.


Start Your Hearing Health Journey Today

If you or a loved one has noticed concerning changes in your hearing, why wait? People often wait up to seven years after realizing they are missing certain sounds, and that delay in treatment will only allow it to get worse.

Feel free to request a callback if you have questions or concerns, and a member of our team would be happy to get in contact with you to answer any questions that you might have and to provide more information. We’re here to help, every step of the way.

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