Smoke Detectors and Alerting Devices

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allerting smoke detector

Here, at Davidson Hearing Aid Centres, we offer a variety of solutions for people with hearing loss. One of the most important assistive devices that we offer is a smoke detector that will alert the person in the event of a fire. As you can imagine, when someone with hearing loss is sleeping or without their hearing aids, it can be impossible for them to hear the smoke alarm. Fortunately, we are able to offer our clients the smoke alarm detector/ transmitter. This device has the ability to transmit its signal to a variety of receivers which includes visual flash receivers, or vibrating receivers (pagers, or bedshakers). The flash receivers can be placed in various locations in the house (i.e., living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc) which once activated wirelessly by the transmitter will flash bright LED lights to alert the user. The second type of receiver we offer are vibrating receivers which alert the user. The vibrating receivers can be specifically helpful if the person is sleeping when smoke is detected in the house. The smoke detector will transmit its signal to a bed shaker which vibrates the mattress vigorously in order to alert the person of the emergency.

Davidson Hearing Aid Centres are proud to offer an array of assistive devices which can be used for alerting purposes. Do not hesitate to call us to learn more about the different systems that we offer.

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