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Why Are My Ears Ringing?

Some people describe it as wind noise, others as ringing or whistling. It can be constant or occasional, and it can be severe or mild. If you recognize yourself in these statements, you are one of many adults suffering from tinnitus.

Tinnitus is the perception of sound without any environmental source. It is relatively common in adults.

The direct cause of tinnitus is still unknown, but there are over a hundred factors that can affect it. Among others, tinnitus can be related to a physical problem in any part of our hearing system: cerumen in the outer ear, fluid or pressure in the middle ear, damage to the cells in the inner ear. Certain medication or diseases can also cause tinnitus. There are also external factors that can be controlled, like nutrition or noise exposure. Finally, your psychological state can affect tinnitus, like anxiety or other emotional responses. There is no miracle cure for tinnitus. What you need to know is that it is not necessarily a symptom of a disease, and there are certain solutions, like hearing aids or sound therapy which reduces your perception of tinnitus.

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