Apple Watch Meets Hearing Aids

Audiologist Ottawa

ReSound LiNX²™ wearer Steve DeLuca was featured on CNN this week discussing how the connectivity of his ReSound Smart Hearing aids with the ReSound Smart app has changed his life.

Steve sat down with CNN Business Correspondent, Samuel Burke, and talked about his experience with hearing loss. In 1997, Steve lost about 80% of his hearing in his left ear due to a brain tumor. When he first tried hearing aids that connected directly to his phone, he said, “It was amazing. It was night and day.”

He also is using the ReSound Smart app for the Apple Watch to control his hearing aids directly from his wrist. Burke asked, “Do you ever feel like you have too much technology?” Steve replies, “I’m so grateful. It really has opened up so much. If it means that I’m tied to these gadgets to improve the way that I’m hearing things, then so be it.”

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