Discovering Better Sound Quality in the Big Apple

This month several of Davidson’s Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists were able to join Widex at their US Headquarters. This is located just outside of New York City. Over three days they were treated to several presentations outlining the features of the Evoke line. They were also shown the outcomes of studies comparing Evoke to their previous hearing aid models as well as other manufacturers products. The results showed that Evoke offered a higher rate of satisfaction among hearing aid users.

No trip to NY is complete without visiting the lights and sounds of Broadway

What’s New?

The heart of the Widex Evoke line is their new sound classification system. The hearing aids are constantly analyzing the sound in their environment and then classifying it into 11 different categories in order to provide the best hearing in each distinct environment. They have found the built-in processor’s ability to personalize sound provided the most high definition, true sound for the hearing aid wearer.

By using the Evoke app on a smartphone, the hearing aid wearer is able to adjust the sound quality and volume in each of these different sound environments. This data is stored in the central processor, meaning anytime you enter a similar sound environment your personalized hearing programming will come back in to play. Evoke truly offers a personalized sound that continues to improve as you use it.

Our Staff Presenting

One of our audiologists, Emily Gula, was selected to give a presentation at the event. She chose to do a case study on a fitting performed with a 59 year old client. They had worn several models of Widex hearing aids over the course of 10 years. After being fitted with the Beyond Z-Power RIC’s their reaction to this new technology was unparalleled to any other technology on the market. Being an environmentally friendly consumer our client enjoyed and appreciated the benefits of rechargeability and cell phone compatibility. Widex Evoke will be Z-Power compatible ensuring clients can have the benefits of rechargeability as well.

A Tour of the Production Facility

With a full tour of how Widex operates on a daily basis it’s safe to say that quality sound is their main objective. All of Canada’s custom hearing aid orders are received at Widex US and created there. Their highly skilled team of lab technicians take careful measurements to ensure our clients are getting the best sound, while keeping comfort and style in mind. We are proud to be recognized as a Widex Centre of Excellence and will continue ensuring all clients with Widex devices have similar experiences with their hearing aids.

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