Find Your Hearing Aids With GPS Tracking

Person using hearing aid smartphone app to find their hearing aid using bluetooth and GPS

Where are my hearing aids?

Some individuals believe that as we age we lose our memory recall abilities. Others say stress, sleep and diet affect our ability to remember. Whatever it may be, we all occasionally misplace things throughout our lives. Big or small, losing something makes you retrace your steps several times to the point where rooms will be torn apart before finding the item or giving up. In recent years, technology developers have created ways for us to find certain items using bluetooth connection and GPS location services.

Find My Hearing Aids with GPS Tracking & MFi Technology

Companies such as Tile started to develop fobs to help locate frequently lost items, such as car keys! Using an app on your smartphone, the tile will pick up the last known location of your item, a beacon will appear on the map feature indicating where the keys may be.

Similarly, several companies offer MFi (Made for iPhone) hearing aids that have enabled the same capabilities for your hearing aids. For hearing aid wearers, there is nothing worse than losing one or both hearing aids. Having the ability to check your phone for where your hearing aids might be hiding could save you time and money! To locate your hearing aids, you simply open the app and click the “Find my Hearing Aid” feature. It will generate the last known location of your hearing aids to help you find them. If the app notices your hearing aids nearby, it will show you if you are getting closer or further away. Location services must be turned on for the app to locate your hearing aids.

Don’t close the App!

In order for your iPhone to locate the last place your hearing aids were, the app needs to be constantly running in the background of your phone. In order to ensure that the app is on, simply click the app icon in the morning. This will pair with your hearing aids, and start tracking their location.

What if I can’t find them?

Losing hearing aids can be a costly event, however it’s good to check with your hearing clinic for details on your Loss & Damage warranty. Most of the hearing aids that Davidson’s sell come with a one time, 2 year Loss & Damage warranty. This covers a replacement hearing aid at a low cost deductible of only $250 per hearing aid rather than having to purchase a whole new one.

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