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Ontario’s Assistive Devices Program

Since December 12, 1988 the Ontario Ministry of Health’s Assistive Devices Program (ADP) has paid a portion of the cost of hearing aids for all Ontario residents who need them. At the present time a grant is available for both left and right hearing aids.

ADP covered hearing aids and FM systems

The Assistive Devices Program helps to cover the cost of hearing aids that go:

  • behind the ear
  • in the ear
  • partially in the ear canal
  • completely in the ear canal

They also help to cover the cost of FM systems.

A personal FM system consists of:

  • a receiver (worn by you)
  • a transmitter (worn by the person speaking)

The receiver transmits sound to your hearing aids through direct audio input or through a looped cord worn around your neck.

Using an FM system allows you to hear the speaker’s voice at an appropriate and constant intensity level.

Who qualifies

To qualify, you must:

  • be an Ontario resident
  • have a valid Ontario health card
  • have a disability requiring the equipment or supplies for six months or longer

ADP is not in any way dependant on your income.

Who does not qualify

You do not qualify for the ADP if you:

  • already qualify for or are receiving financial support for the same equipment or supplies from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
  • are a Group “A” veteran and already qualify for or are receiving financial support from Veterans Affairs Canada for the same equipment or supplies

Amount covered

If you qualify, and your application is approved, ADP covers 75% of the cost of up to the following maximums:

  • hearing aids up to a maximum amount of $500 for each type of aid
  • FM systems up to a maximum of $1,350

You pay the rest of the cost.

At Davidson Hearing Aid Centres, we have the required ADP forms and will assist you in having them filled out. Once the paperwork is done, we will submit the form on your behalf and deduct the portion paid by ADP from your invoice so that you don’t have to wait for any reimbursement.

For more information please visit the Ministry of Health website.