Our Exclusive Hearing Aid Rental Program

We understand that there is no single way to manage your finances. That is why we are excited to offer you this all new approach to hearing healthcare. For those individuals who prefer to manage expenses on a monthly budget rather than incur a large upfront expenditure, our exclusive Hearing Aid Rental Program offers many advantages.

Low Monthly Costs
It’s as easy as 1,2,3. Have your hearing tested, choose the style of hearing aid that you want, and simply pay for the performance level that your lifestyle requires. The Hearing Aid Rental Program is offered on a 36 month contract with monthly payments as low as $59 a month per hearing aid. The monthly payment is processed through your credit card.

90 Day Trial Period
Just like any hearing aid sold at Davidson’s, we still offer a 90 day trial period on rental contracts. This is to ensure that you have found the best product for your individual needs. If the hearing aid is returned within the first 90 days, all monthly fees already paid will be returned in full. The only cost to you will be the activation fee charged by the third party financing.

No Unexpected Costs
Your rental program covers everything. Batteries, repairs, office visits, computer programming, clean and checks, and even offers a one time loss and damage coverage.

Always have the Latest Technology
One of the great benefits of our Hearing Aid Rental Program is that your hearing aids are upgraded to the latest tecnhonolgy every 3 years. Forget having your hearing aids become outdated, or have to worry about the cost of replacing them down the road.

Making a Difference
When you upgrade your technology, we have arranged for the manufacturers to refurbish the hearing aids and then they will be donated to those who can’t afford them. This will be both in developing countries and in our communities.

To find out if renting or buying makes the most sense for you, please schedule an appointment with one of our hearing health care providers at the location most convenient to you.