Phone: 613-233-3149 or 1-800-267-9697 email:

Phone: 613-233-3149 or 1-800-267-9697

Canadian Workers Compensation Boards

We have working relationships with most of the workers compensation organizations in Canada. If you have coverage through another province, but reside in Eastern Ontario or are visiting, we would be pleased to assist you.

Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (Ontario)

Davidson Hearing Aid Centres is registered with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Program of Care for hearing aids and hearing loss. We make it easy for anyone with WSIB coverage for hearing aids to get them. We have access to all of the latest hearing aids and devices and bill WSIB directly so that you will never have any out of pocket expenses.

New Applications: If you feel that you have hearing loss and have worked in a noisy environment at some point during your career, would would be happy to perform a hearing test and if the pattern was consistent with noise exposure, we would help you with the process of starting a noise exposed hearing loss claim.


Protect Your Hearing

At Davidson Hearing Aid Centres, we strongly believe in hearing conservation. If you are still working in noise, there are a lot of different types of hearing protection available for all different environments and hearing requirements.

Click here to see some of our hearing protection options.