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How Long Should Batteries Last?

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A very common question from our patients is how long should my batteries last? On average, batteries should last anywhere between 4-14 days. However, that being said, the lifespan of a battery depends on a few factors:

Battery size: the smaller the battery, the shorter the lifespan. Size 10 are the smallest and tend to last between 3-6 days while the largest hearing aid batteries, size 675 can last up to two weeks.

Hours you wear your hearing aids: The more hours that you wear your hearing aids each day, the shorter the life span of its battery (although this can be discouraging we do encourage all of our clients to wear their hearing aids as much as they can).
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Severity of your hearing loss: The more profound a hearing loss is, the more power is needed to amplify sounds. However, those with severe-profound hearing loss are prescribed hearing aids with bigger batteries to help make up for the additional power consumption.

The way you store and use your batteries: it is recommended that you store your batteries in an area away from moisture, direct heat or direct cold.  We also recommend taking the battery out of your hearing aid when you remove it at night. Removing your battery ensures that no accidental connection between your battery and the battery contacts (of the hearing aid) occurs. It is also important that when removed, the battery does not contact other batteries as they can short each other out, and significantly reduce their life span.

Electronic problems: if your hearing aid has other electronic issues, this can cause the battery to drain more quickly.
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