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How Phonak Achieved Bluetooth Connectivity To Both Apple And Android Products

Phonak's new Made For All (MFA) protocol allows their hearing aids to connect and stream from almost any cell phone through the Bluetooth Classic protocol

Phonak was the first manufacturer to achieve direct streaming with Android and Apple devices in Fall 2018. Their Marvel line of hearing aids showcased the world’s first hearing aids able to use the standard 2.4 GHz Bluetooth Classic signal, significantly increasing sound quality and signal travel distance. But what about the battery life problem? Phonak re-designed a new battery system as well as a new computer chip to reduce the battery strain caused by traditional Bluetooth connectivity.

Marvellous Engineering

Using a high-efficiency Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery combined with Phonak’s new computer chip SWORD, the power consumption of the wireless connection is reduced all while maintaining the superior link distance and stability. The ultra-low power SWORD Chip is composed of 42 million transistors and a single antenna technology able to transmit four different Bluetooth protocols. Each Bluetooth protocol is used for different purposes such as communicating between hearing aids, as well as with your smartphone, car or Roger accessories. Using only one antenna to perform all these duties is essential to reducing the size of the hearing aid.

Phonak’s new Audéo Marvel brings this technology to life offering a small and sleek hearing aid with superior connectivity to improve the listening experience of music, e-books, podcast and much more. One of the most impressive features is its ability to determine if you are listening to music, speech or a podcast. It will then adjust the sound to optimize its quality for each different source. For example, when listening to music, you want to hear all the bass and treble of each instruments, but during a podcast you want focus on the sounds of speech. The Audéo Marvel will rapidly analyze what you are listening to, and improve the sound quality.

Phonak truly achieved a milestone with Marvel that will change the way we see Bluetooth connectivity in the years to come. Visit our Marvel page or come into your nearest Davidson Hearing Aid Centres clinic to learn more about what the Audéo Marvel has to offer!

Davina Omisore, March 2019, Bluetooth Classic for hearing aids? Good thing our engineers didn’t hear that it was not possible!

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