Hearing Aids and Listening Ability Improve with Time

Hearing Aid

Wearing a new pair of hearing aids is always an adjustment, regardless if you are a new or long-time user. It can take several days up to several months for certain individuals to acclimate. This is due to the new sounds, the different processing patterns of noise and the overall feel of the aids sitting in the ear.

For new hearing aid wearers, the process can be challenging. The experience of hearing new high pitch sounds can seem exciting at first, but can quickly become irritating and overwhelming. The hearing aid’s management of noise can feel unnatural at first. All these symptoms are normal for new users. Adjusting to hearing aids is similar to wearing new eyeglasses, it takes some time adjust to your new prescription.

It usually takes around two weeks for a new user to become quite comfortable with the hearing aids. Continuous use of hearing aids during the day greatly improves adjustment to new aids. A 2017 study investigated the benefits of using hearing aids after different periods of use, from six months to two years. The study concluded that hearing aids users found during each milestone (six months, one year and so on), that perceived benefits increased from the same hearing aids. This shows us that not only do we adapt to the hearing aids during the first month, but we also continuously improve our ability to hear with our hearing aids over time.

Improved Listening Ability

Both the participants in the study and their family members reported that listening abilities improved in difficult listening situations. Conversations in noise, one-on-one conversations, listening to music, and participating in a telephone conversation were also noted to continuously improve over time.

Increased satisfaction and perceived benefits are one of the many reasons why wearing your hearing aids is essential. Visit your nearest Davidson Hearing Aid Centres to learn more about the benefits of hearing aids on social participation.

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