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What Does a Mythbuster Think of Widex EVOKE?

Widex recently posted this video of Adam Savage of Mythbuster talking about his hearing loss and the latest model of their hearing aids. It is very interesting to hear how much of a difference his hearing aids have made in his life. He also discusses how much of an improvement he notices every 4-5 years when he upgrades his hearing aids to newer technology. 

Adam Savage from Mythbusters talks about his hearing loss and how much his new Widex EVOKE hearing aids have helped him

If you are noticing issues with your hearing, or have friends and family members mentioning that you aren’t hearing very well, it is likely time to have your hearing tested. Click here to start with our online hearing screener.

If you have hearing aids that are over 5 years old and you feel you are still missing out on some conversations, it might be time for an upgrade. We offer a free 2 week trial where you can compare the latest technology to your existing products and see just how much difference new hearing aids can make for you!

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