Signia Announces All New Hearing Aid Design – Coming Aug. 27, 2018

A true game-changer from Signia is on its way! This new hearing aid design combines all of the audiological advantages of the acclaimed Signia Nx platform. Signia will unveil this stylishly designed new form factor on August 27, 2018.

Why Something New?

People love products that suit them and their personality. So naturally, an exceptional design that appeals to people’s lifestyle and image of themselves is the standard in any industry. Especially if they want to stand out. This is true of many different consumer products such as mobile phones, headphones – even glasses. The latter example shows that this is also possible for medical devices such as hearing aids.

The time is right for a paradigm shift in hearing aid design. The latest EuroTrak study data shows that the image of hearing aids is improving: whereas more than half of respondents were embarrassed to wear hearing aids six years ago, today that number is down to less than a third. Improved design has played a factor in changing attitudes, so great design could boost the image of hearing aids to an unprecedented degree. 

We will bring you all of the details of this new product as soon as it launches on August 27, 2018. 

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