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Now That I Hear Clearly…

Hearing Aid

The ability to hear all speech sounds clearly is essential to human communication. What makes recognizing a hearing loss difficult is the fact that it does not affect your ability to hear all sounds by the same amount. For most people just starting to develop a hearing loss, they remain able to hear the low pitch bass sounds at a near normal level despite the fact that they can have a moderate to severe impairment for the high pitched treble sounds. With this pattern you will hear conversation, but will lack clarity. Certain voices will sound mumbled and communication frequently breaks down when in noisy environments.

Although most individuals with hearing loss know at some level they are having difficulty, most are not aware of how much they are actually missing, and have no idea how much of a difference hearing aids will make in their day-to-day life.

As hearing aid technology improves, the positive response from first time hearing aid users is becoming far more dramatic. Here are a few comments we have received recently:

“I’m much more involved when the family gets together.” G.C.

“I can hear my friends, I’m not left out of conversations.” J.B.

“We can watch TV together, at a volume that is comfortable for BOTH of us.” E.M.

“I’m so happy my husband got hearing aids, they have made such a difference

for him in social settings.” J.D.

So what are you waiting for? Come see how Davidson’s can help you to hear clearly again. Schedule your Free Hearing Test online by clicking Here!

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