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Phone: 613-233-3149 or 1-800-267-9697

Alerting Systems

Alerting Systems offer safety and security for those individuals who are not able to hear important alarms and signals. This can be either with or without their hearing aids. The Serene alerting systems work well and are customizable to suit your needs. You can purchase just the devices that you need with the option of expanding to more solutions down the road if needed.

Serene CA-360 Central Alert Receiver


Stay safe and connected at home. Get instant alerts for household sounds and alarms. The Serene CA-360 is the central hub of their alerting system. You can then attach as many of the different accessories as you require.

Serene CA-360 Central Alert Receiver Key Features: 

  • Very bright flashing light, loud ring (uses 520Hz audio alert; 90dB at 1 ft distance), vibrating bed
  • Large (1.52" digits), clock display with highly visible icons and adjustable brightness
  • Dual alarm settings and dual bed shakers
  • Can plug in 2 landline phones directly into the receiver (regular phone line and/or fax line) and
    any additional receivers in any room will alert you that there is a call coming in
  • Vibration patterns and sound are different to distinguish the type of notification (phone calls,
    doorbell, smoke alarm, etc.)
  • This model receiver can be programmed as either the Master Unit or as a complimentary Remote Receiver
  • Pair additional CA-360 receivers as Remote
  • Receivers to be notified in additional rooms
  • Batteries (4 AA NiMH rechargeable) are not required for normal operation, but are recommended as power backup to provide 48 hours of use with power outage

Serene CA-CX Phone Signaler


Stay safe and connected at home. The CA-CX phone signaller has less functionality than the CA-360, but can still be used as a stand alone system for people who just need to connect their phone and doorbell.

Serene CA-CX Phone Signaler Key Features: 

  • Bright indicator lights alert you to a missed call or text message
  • Compatible with home landline phones, cell phones, VP, Skype and FaceTime (activated after 3 sec of vibration)
  • Unique flashing patterns and adjustable ring tones to distinguish between landline calls, cell phone calls and Skype
  • Can adjust the ring volume (high, low, or off) - Up to 95dB
  • Missed call or SMS message indicator light for the cell phone (not for landline phones)
  • 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable included for phones that are not being detected or to plug into the audio jack of computer or tablet for audible alerts such as Facebook messages, video chats, etc.
  • USB port for cell phone charging
  • Jack for optional bed shaker so no missed calls while you sleep
  • Battery (4 AA Alkaline) backup in case of power outages
  • This device is great as an additional Remote Receiver for addition rooms that someone spends less time in
  • This device is also a great standalone option (without CA-360 unit) and is much more affordable for people who’s only request is wanting to hear doorbell or phone ringing (especially if someone does need a clock or is younger and want something that looks less intrusive)
  • compatible with door bell accessory

Serene CA-PX Wearable Signaler


A portable pager system that can be worn while you are on the go. It can be used in conjunction with the Serene CA-360 Central Alert Receiver or as a standalone receiver.

Serene CA-PX Wearable Signaler Key Features: 

  • A wearable receiver that receives instant notification when the CentralAlert system is activated
  • This can work as stand-alone without Master Unit, or as part of a paired system
  • Strong, unique vibration for each alert, loud audio tones, bright flasher, and Braille buttons
  • Unique vibration pattern training helps users recognize/learn different vibration patterns by feel
  • Alert types: telephone, cell phone, door sensor, baby cry, alarm, audio, motion, NOAA and SOS transmitters
  • Output jack for bed shaker (sold separately)
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries (includes 3 AAA NiMH batteries) last up to 6 days

Serene CA-SOS Emergency Help


Need immediate assistance? Simply press the SOS Button to send a wireless signal that activates your CA-360, CA-380, CA-PX, or CA-RX CentralAlert System and notifies other family members or residents in the home. Compact and waterproof, it goes wherever you go.

Serene CA-SOS Emergency Help Key Features: 

  • Push of button sends page to all other receivers for help
  • This is basically a portable doorbell that someone can wear (supplied with lanyard) to indicate that they need assistance
  • Can also be worn by a family member to alert the person with hearing loss when that family member is in distress (eg; if the person with hearing loss is a caregiver they can be paged if the other person fell or needs help)
  • Water-resistant - can be shower mounted or installed by a bath
  • Battery lasts 2 years
  • Can pair up to 4 devices in the system

Serene CA-DB Doorbell


Easy-to-install and a weather-resistant wireless doorbell that transmits a signal to the CentralAlert System from your home’s back or side doors.

Serene CA-DB Doorbell Key Features:

  • When button is pushed, it alerts the CentralAlert system
  • Wireless
  • Water resistant, so can be mounted on outside door
  • Battery (CR2032) lasts 10 months
  • Can pair 4 total devices of a combination of CA-DB doorbells and/or CA-DX door knock sensors

Serene CA-BX Baby Sound Sensor


Now parents with hearing loss can have peace of mind—the CentralAlert Baby-Cry Sensor monitors the sound of your baby on a real-time basis. When your baby cries or fusses, a wireless signal triggers the CentralAlert System (Model CA-360, CA-380, CA-PX or CA-RX) to notify you, then stops as soon as the noise stops. With its adjustable sensitivity, false alarms can be nearly eliminated.

Serene CA-BX Baby Sound Sensor Key Features:

  • Works the same way as CA-AX but is meant for detecting the sounds of a baby
  • It stops automatically when the baby stops making noise
  • Room Noise indicator lights progressively as noise grows
  • Adjustable microphone sensitivity (high, medium, low, off)
  • 2 AA alkaline battery can last up to 10 months
  • Can pair up to 3 CA-BX in the system