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Signia Motion Nx – a revolutionary approach to improving sound quality

Signia has packed a lot into this new line of hearing aids. With built in Bluetooth, you can control everything right from your Smartphone, stream TV directly to your hearing aids, or hear every word that your tour guide has to say, even if you are at the back of the group. But the biggest advancement is their ability to provide a natural sounding own voice for the first time.


Hear the sound of your own voice as nature intended

By being able to learn and detect your voice, the new Signia Nx hearing aids offer an industry first in creating a more natural sounding own voice.

These new hearing aids are able to avoid over amplifying the sound of your own voice, while still being able to still provide enough amplification for all of your surrounding sounds. This lets you enjoy the most natural listening experience and highest hearing performance.

Motion 13 Nx – Signia’s first BTE style hearing aid with direct connectivity

Motion 13 Nx lets you enjoy the most natural sound experience and superior audio streaming from your TV and smartphone. So, have a nice chat over a coffee, run around the garden with your grandchildren, or just sit on the balcony and listen to birds sing — with Motion 13, you can relax and enjoy it all.

3D Classifier – How Smartphones can make our hearing aids even smarter

Signia’s 3D Classifier connects with your Smartphone, and uses its built in accelerometer. This then tells the hearing aids when you are moving in your environment and allows it to adapt to how you are hearing. Here is an example of how you might want to hear differently in these two very similar scenarios.

  1. Sitting at a noisy restaurant table with a friend – because of the background noise, the hearing aid will go into a directional focus so that you are hearing your friends voice better than all of the surrounding sounds.
  2. Getting up and walking out of the restaurant – It is the same noisy environment that it was when you were sitting still, but as you walk it, the hearing system senses your movement and will provide you with more of the surround sounds. So when the waiter calls out from behind you to let you know that you forgot your coat on the back of your chair, you will be able to hear them.
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