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Phone: 613-233-3149 or 1-800-267-9697

Signia Pure 312 X – Sounds made just for you

Everyone has a unique hearing experience depending on where they are and what they are doing. Unlike all other hearing aids, our new Signia Experience platform lets you hear what is directly in front of you and your general surroundings at the same time. This creates a natural hearing experience that is personal to you.


Redefining what modern hearing aids can do:

  • Understand speech in every situation
  • Hear your environment in greater dean than ever
  • Enjoy crystal clear sound tailored to your activities

Hear precisely what matters to you.

Stay Connected

In today’s world, everything and everyone is connected and so should your hearing aids. Thanks to their Bluetooth compatibility, Pure 312 X hearing aids let you stream sound from our favourite devices straight to your ears.

  • Calls on your smartphone will be automatically streamed directly to your hearing aids
  • Listen to your favourite music or TV programs via Bluetooth

You’re in control

Enjoy your hearing aids to the fullest with just one app for everything you need:

  • All controls adjust to your personal preferences
  • Audio streaming, remote control and remote support
  • Discreetly control the volume and other settings while streaming audio directly into your ears
  • Stay in touch with your Hearing Care Professional and get remote support when you need it

Own Voice Processing (OVP) was a big hit in the Signia Nx platform. The latest Signia X devices continue to use OVP to learn and detect your voice as you speak. These new hearing aids are able to avoid over amplifying the sound of your own voice, while providing enough amplification for surrounding sounds. This lets you enjoy the most natural listening experience and highest hearing performance.

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