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Hearing Aid

Widex EVOKE Z – More Connected Than Any Other Hearing Aid

The new Widex EVOKE Z hearing aids offer all of the hearing performance of their previously released Unique hearing aid line. On top of this, Widex has added direct connection to your Apple products through the EVOKE App. They have also partnered with Z-Power to offer a fully rechargeable solution as well. Not to mention that EVOKE still works with their full line of DEX accessories. All of these together lead to a hearing aid that is more connected than any other.

Rechargeable – Making Life Easier

Partnering with Z-Power, Widex is now able to offer all of the functionality of their latest hearing aid with a rechargeable battery option. Due to its industry leading low battery consumption, this makes the EVOKE Z the longest lasting rechargeable hearing aids with a size 312 battery.

Hearing Aid
Hearing Aid

Conveniently Controlled Through the EVOKE App

The personalized Widex EVOKE app allows you to adjust your hearing aids right through your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Here are just a few of the things that the App can do for you.

  • adjust program and volume
  • adjust treble and bass response
  • turn on Zen tones to help manage tinnitus
  • select directionality of the microphones
  • locate a missing hearing aid
  • watch help tutorials
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