ReSound LiNX2

Hearing Aid

ReSound’s latest hearing aid line, the LiNX2 has quickly become one of our most popular hearing aid purchases this summer.  LiNX2 offers its wearers top-rated sound quality in a discreet and sleek package.  This model of hearing aids include ReSounds smart technology which adapts to the life around you with their “speech focus”, “comfort in wind”, and “comfort in noise” programs. In addition, the LiNX2 provides a new smart tool for those who suffer with tinnitus.  Not only will you enjoy their top quality sound but you will enjoy their ease of connectivity.  The LiNX2 hearing aids have the additive benefit of connecting easily to apple products by streaming phone conversations, music and sound directly to your hearing aids. ReSound’s app for your cellphone also allows you to adjust the volume and change the LiNX2 settings effortlessly. For more information on LiNX2 visit our ReSound page


Until the end of August 2015, Davidson Hearing Aid Centres has some incredible promotions on select models of the new ReSound LiNX2 hearing aids! Call our clinic today and take advantage of this promotion and our 3 month trial period.


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