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ReSound Smart 3D App Update – Optimize MFi Connection

ReSound Smart 3D Hearing Aid App

On July 9, 2018, ReSound released an update to the ReSound Smart 3D app (version 1.2.2). The big news with this release is the addition of the Optimize MFi connectionOptimize MFi connection is an optional setting that is intended to improve connection and stability of audio streaming, and optimize performance for users switching between iOS devices. Visit the ‘More’ menu within the app to find the Optimize MFi connection function. Since this is an optional setting, there are several factors to consider before activating it. The Optimize MFi connection feature does disable some other features built into the ReSound Smart 3D app.

When Optimize MFi connection is enabled:

  • The Find my hearing aid function will reflect the location when the app was last open and active. Even if the app continues to run in the background, it will no longer track the location status in real-time.
  • If you enable the Optimize MFi connection setting, and you are using the ReSound Smart 3D app through the Apple Watch®, it will be able to control the hearing aids through the watch only if the app is also open on the iPhone. 

When Optimize MFi connection is disabled:

  • The Find my hearing aid function will continue to work with the app running in the background. It will show the last location when the hearing aids are connected to the app.
  • Full functionality of the Apple Watch will be available. The Smart 3D app does not need to be open on the phone.

Optimize MFi connection is defaulted ‘Off’ in the app. If a patient reports connection or streaming issues, they may choose to turn this feature on. If the patient does not report any connection issues and desires the full benefit of Find my hearing aid the Optimize MFi connection should remain off. If the patient is an active Apple Watch app user, and isn’t experiencing connection issues, we also suggest that they do not turn on the Optimize MFi connection option.

ReSound Smart 3D version 1.2.2. is available today for both iOS and Android. ReSound Smart 3D app is compatible with their wireless LiNX 3D and Enzo 3D models of hearing aids.


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