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ReSound Smart App for iPhone and Android

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Within the last year, ReSound launched the “ReSound Smart App” which is compatible with Apple products including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. However, just recently ReSound has expanded its platform which includes the Samsung Galaxy S5 cellphone. The “ReSound Smart App” has many great features:

  1.  Volume Control: the application includes a volume control that will allow you to adjust the volume of your hearing aids wirelessly.
  2. Change programming: you can create and save your favourite hearing aid programs for different environmental conditions (i.e., restaurant, traffic, outdoors, all-around). The application makes switching hearing aid programs easy, all it requires is for you to tap the icon that best represents your current environment.
  3. Instruction manual: you can look up information that corresponds with your hearing aid. You can learn about the different features your hearing aid provides and get helpful hearing aid tips.
  4. Hearing Aid Finder: if you miss place your hearing aids, no need to worry, you can open this app and find them quickly with the  ‘finder’ function.
  5. Balance Sound Input: When you are streaming audio from any sort of media system (TV, stereo, or computer) directly into your hearing aid, you have the ability to control the input from your surroundings with a separate volume control.
  6. Adjust the balance of the streamed sound and music quality with the treble and bass control.

ReSound LiNX 9 (Premium model) wearers also have the additive benefit of gaining these features:

  1. Noise Balancing:  actively reduce the noise level of your environment at the touch of a button. This feature allows you to reduce noise which makes certain environments more comfortable and speech easier to understand.
  2. Speech Focus: this allows you to change the focus your hearing aid has on the surrounding environment. You are able to adjust the width of your hearing aid’s focus which can make speech more audible.
  3. Comfort in wind: Reduce the wind noise by activating this feature on a windy day.


While this application is very beneficial it can only be paired with certain ReSound hearing aids which include ReSound LiNX2™ ,ReSound LiNX™ , and ReSound ENZO™.

For more information, please visit the ReSound Smart App Website:

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