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Phone: 613-233-3149 or 1-800-267-9697

Our Commitment to Service Excellence

While many clinics can and do sell the same devices, when purchasing a hearing aid, you are not only buying a product, but a working relationship with the clinic that will span a number of years over the life of the aid. A hearing aid requires a significant degree of customization of sound output and physical fit during the first few months. Also, it requires regular service adjustments and repairs over its lifespan. The experience and relationship you build with your clinician will have a profound effect on your overall hearing experience.

Our Commitment to Continued Performance

We firmly believe that the programming and ongoing support make as much or more of a difference in your success with hearing aids as the devices themselves. For that reason, our regular pricing for Good, Better and Best performance level hearing aids includes our Verification & Ongoing Care plan. This means that most of our ongoing services will be available to you as part of this coverage. These include the following:

  • on-going hearing tests
  • verification and validation
  • re-programming and adjustments
  • 6 month clean & checks
  • 3 year supply of batteries (180 per hearing aid for non rechargeable models)
  • in office repairs
  • hearing aid filters
  • wax removal

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