Wondering if you have a hearing loss?

Let’s find out now with a quick and easy online checkup.
All you need is a set of headphones.

Free Hearing Test

Our hearing health care professionals will complete the following assessments during your hearing test. This will provide them with a thorough understanding of the impact that your specific hearing loss would present in day-to-day environments.

After your test, we will explain the results in plain, easy-to-understand language. We will then provide you with the necessary information to make a decision to best meet your unique hearing needs. To set up an appointment please phone our clinic closest to you (click for locations) or fill in our online form.

As a family centred company, we recommend bringing someone close to you to your appointment. Be it a family member or close friend. They will be able to offer another perspective of how you are hearing in day-to-day environments and support you in making any decisions to do with any hearing loss – a second set of ears is always helpful!

At your test we will check your ears

for wax buildup
general health of the ear canal
see photos of your ear drum


We will then check your hearing for

ear drum function
hearing levels in the key speech range
speech understanding in quiet
speech understanding in noise

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