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Should I Consider Purchasing New Hearing Aids?

Hearing Aid

People often ask us how long they should have their hearing aids before considering a new pair. Generally, hearing aid technology improves significantly every four to five years. Meaning, if your hearing aids are older than four years, the new technology available today should provide a significant benefit to you. Over the past four years, hearing aid manufacturers have developed many new features for their hearing aids which have considerably improved speech recognition in background noise. All of the hearing aid manufacturers have developed different features to help speech recognition and overall comfort in different situations including speech in the car, in wind and in noise. All of which are considered to be problem situations for hearing aid users. Hearing aids now have the ability to further reduce the background annoyances while improving speech perception in each of these problem environments.

Not only have hearing aid manufacturers improved their hearing aid technology, but they have also developed new products that can be used in congruence with hearing aid devices to improve overall speech perception. These items include wireless bluetooth home and mobile phones, FM transmitters and remote microphones, and TV streaming devices. Each of these items offer its user improved speech recognition in the different scenarios.

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