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Siemens Binax Hearing Aids Receive Top Honour

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Siemens Binax

Siemens binax smart hearing aids have been awarded a Gold Edison Award for their ability to outperform normal hearing in noisy situations like crowded restaurants and cocktail parties. With a virtual eight-microphone network, binax smart hearing aids provide the industry’s most advanced binaural listening experience without compromising battery life. The internationally-renowned Edison Awards, inspired by Thomas Edison’s persistence and inventiveness, recognize innovation, creativity and ingenuity in the global economy. Siemens binax received the Gold Edison Award as part of the Science/Medical/Dental group in the Hearing category.

“binax is the only technology clinically proven by two independent studies to provide better than normal hearing in challenging environments like busy restaurants, dramatically improving a wearer’s ability to hear speech in noise,” said Scott Davis, CEO of Sivantos, Inc. “Receiving an Edison Award is a testament to the years of research and development that went into creating a product that truly puts the hearing aid wearer first.”

Siemens binax smart hearing aids:

  • Automatically adapt to changing acoustic situations, without lifting a finger
  • Auto-focus on speech while attenuating background interference
  • Outsmarts wind noise by taking the clearer signal from one ear and instantly streaming it to both
  • Consumes half as much battery power as the leading competitor
  • Can be discreetly controlled via apps for iPhone and Android devices

“It’s exciting to see companies like Sivantos continuing Thomas Edison’s legacy of challenging conventional thinking,” said Frank Bonafilia, Edison Awards’ executive director. “Edison Awards recognizes the game-changing products and services, and the teams that brought them to consumers.”

The 2015 Edison Award winners were announced on April 23, 2015 at the Edison Awards Annual Gala, held in the historic Ballroom of The Capitale in New York City. Nominees were judged by more than 3,000 senior business executives and academics from across the nation, whose votes acknowledge the finalists’ success in meeting the award’s stringent criteria of quality.

Siemens Binax are now available at Davidson Hearing Aid Centres. Contact the clinic closest to you to find out if Binax is right for you!

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