Signia CROS

CROS Hearing Aid

While the majority of individuals with hearing impairment have hearing loss in both ears, approximately 10% of this population have a unilateral condition. Unilateral hearing loss can cause several communication problems, including reduced audibility when someone is talking from the side of the impaired ear, more difficulty understanding speech in background noise, and impaired localization ability. These issues can be especially troublesome in demanding listening environments.

A Discreet and Practical Solution
Cros-RightPrimax introduces CROS, a discreet, yet practical solution with very low battery consumption. This solution is offered with the cosmetically attractive CROS Pure transmitter, which can be paired with virtually any other primax instrument fit on the contralateral ear. Like other primax hearing aids, the CROS solution features natural sound quality with a low noise floor which is conducive to listening comfort, and to understanding of soft speech. For CROS wearers with normal hearing in the better ear, the importance of a low noise floor should not be overlooked. In fact, it is oftentimes a crucial deciding factor in terms of spontaneous acceptance. The low noise floor is also a key differentiator between the primax CROS solution and similar existing products on the market.

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